Daily Art Chore

After 13 years without a studio (other than Imago artist-run printshop) I suddenly had the opportunity to convert a room in my house to a such space. When it was set up I was excited. I went in and sat down. What shall I do? Nothing came. I just sat there. The next day I went in again thinking things would surely go better. I was uneasy, antsy and I looked out the window for what felt like at least an  hour. I decided I would have to give myself a daily art chore to get used to the space and structured studio time. I noticed I had a lot of pictures of smiling girls with dogs in the house (I don't really know the reason for this) so I thought I would start there. Everyday for 28 days I would go into the studio pick a google stock picture of a smiling girl with a dog, draw it and then write the corresponding URL code on the page next to it. The code is simply to develop my very limited patience and to elongate the daily studio time until I am used to it all.


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